Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Chris and Vicky jailed

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce have both been jailed for 8 months - which means they should be out by mid-July, possibly slightly earlier with an electronic tag. Long before then they will be in category C "open" prisons where inmates have the keys to their own "rooms" and are allowed out for shopping and work experience.

That said, the sentences seem somewhat perverse. They both got 8 months, despite Huhne having pleaded guilty, for which he received a 10% discount - nearly a month off. Had he pleaded guilty "at the earliest opportunity" he would have got a 33% discount and only be serving 6 months now. Vicky on the other hand got no discount because she pleaded not guilty.

The judge was scathing about both of them. Yet it seems strange that Huhne, the instigator of the crime, did not get a more serious sentence than Vicky who merely went along with it. Normally the person who conceives a crime is punished far more harshly than accomplices who just go along with it. As a first offence, and not one of her own initiative, Vicky should have been looking at a suspended sentence.

The sentence on Chris Huhne is also harsh. Previous cases would tend to indicate a 3 to 6 month prison term. They have both been punished for being in the public eye.

All that said, this blog, and nationalists generally, continue to abhor s172 of the Road Traffic Act. This is the section which violates a person's Right To Silence by requiring self-incrimination. Had Chris Huhne simply stood on his high horse and refused to name the driver (which would have gotten him 6 points on his licence and a driving ban) this blog would be applauding his principled stand. Perverting the course of justice though, we do not condone.

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