Thursday, 7 March 2013

RIP Christina Edkins

Another innocent is killed by an animal in human form. This is Christina Edkins...

Christina, 16: "Bright and popular"

She had been on the bus to school in Birmingham this morning for a mere five minutes when a "black male" stabbed her to death. Early indications are the black male in question did not know her and the search for a reason for her senseless killing is likely to prove futile.

The police referred to her killing as "sporadic". Sporadic means "occurring at random intervals" so they are probably correct.

Sadly death by hanging will not be available as a sentence for anyone convicted of her murder.

Postscript: 12 March 2013

Philip Simelane, 22, is to be charged with the murder of Christina. Simeland is currently in secure accomodation after being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.


Anonymous said...

'animal in human form.'

My cat's a loving gentle creature. I hate having him compared to the likes of this savage.

Nationalist said...

Comparisons with animals generally involve someone popping up and saying animals are not as bad as that. (And actually I agree.)

In this case it seems the main suspect has been detained under the Mental Heath Act - which makes him sound like a victim himself.

The chances are years of drug abuse have wrecked his brain and made him "unfit to plead". It would be a travesty of justice if a junkie lifestyle got him off this crime.