Thursday, 2 May 2013

The big question

Today voters in the English counties are going to polls to elect 27 county councils, two city mayors and one new MP (to replace David Miliband who is flouncing off to the USA.) There is no voting in London, nor outside England.

Obviously Labour will retain South Shields, Milipede's old seat. The mayors are irrelevant. The big question is: how will UKIP fare? Is today their big break-through?

Today is the day that everything could change. Our LibDem-Tory government could be be given the message loud and clear that the voters have given up on them and they are officially lame ducks - in office but not by the will of the people.

That said, we won't actually know until tomorrow.

(The BNP are standing slightly over a hundred candidates. It will also be interesting to see how they fare.)

1 comment:

chefdave said...

Personally I went out and voted UKIP today, I suppose I had to considering I'm a party member :)

I hope we get a polite revolution in British politics, the liblabcon have had it too good for too long and finally someone has come along to prick their cosy little Westminster bubble.

I can't wait for the results tomorrow!