Thursday, 18 July 2013

Channel 4 dhimmitude

In "honour" of Ramadan, Channel 4 is now broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer morning and night, and giving the prayer times during the weather reports, right after the pollen counts.

Drummer Lee Rigby is barely cold in his grave and Ch4 is endorsing the religion in whose name he was killed. Of course, they are just attention-seeking really. They want to be controversial and "cutting edge" and get talked about. So probably we should just ignore this next step in the Islamification of the UK. But let us not forget that Channel 4 is a British government-owned TV broadcaster just as much as the BBC.

Islam is not (yet) the official religion of the UK. Ch4 has no business supporting it in this way. The fact they are doing it out of contrariness rather than genuine appreciation of the religion (a fact muslims should find insulting, btw) is only of minor mitigation. Tax-payers' money should not be spent in this way.

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