Friday, 2 August 2013

Guardsman attacked by "mixed-race" men chanting "Lee Rigby"

An 18-year-old soldier with the Coldstream Guards has been attacked in Exeter. So far known only as "Alexander", he was walking through an underpass when eight "mixed-race" men approached him and asked if he was a member of the armed forces. When he said yes they attacked him with kicks and punches, all the while chanting "Lee Rigby".

Location of attack

He did manage to get away, but the ringleader was trying to get a screwdriver out during the attack and it seems the intent was murder.

In this incident there has been no permanent injury or lasting harm. But this is getting serious. Do our soldiers have to travel in groups just to be safe now? Or perhaps they have to be confined to barracks permanently? Neither is practical or would be acceptable to them.

Obviously getting Islam out of the UK is the real answer, but until then perhaps the MOD should consider supplying soldiers with personal protection weapons and requiring them to go armed whenever off base.

That it should have come to this is ridiculous though.


chefdave said...

The link you posted no longer works.

I suppose the story needed to be removed so the Mail didn't jeopardise community cohesion.

Nationalist said...

Indeed weird. However the local newspaper still has an article on it here