Wednesday, 21 August 2013

We have a very stupid Home Secretary

Seriously, how short do your political antennae have to be before you cannot see that using terror legislation on the Brazilian "partner" of a Guardian journalist is going to blow up in your face spectacularly?

Hom Sec: Dim bulb but not long life
Even Lord Falconer, the former Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice has said that David Miranda's detention was illegal - the law allows the detention of a person suspected of being in possession of information relating to terrorism, and only for the purpose of obtaining that information.
No-one ever thought Miranda had information on terrorism. During his detention he was not asked a single question on terrorism. No, he was detained purely to apply indirect pressure on his homosexual lover Glenn Greenwald who has been in contact with Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, in Russia.

Note that Greenwald himself was not detained. Why? Two reasons: first Greenwald is a US citizen and second he is a lawyer as well as a journalist. When riding roughshod over the rights of a foreigner passing through your country it is best to pick the confused, non-English-speaking, out-of-his-depth citizen of a third-world country, rather than an American lawyer. American lawyers can be a bit picky about rights and stuff.

But coming back to Teressa May, Home Secretary. Perhaps she was too busy shooting up in the loo to take in what she was being told (insulin - she's diabetic.) She was told ahead of time what the police were planning. All she had to do was say, "No f***ing way!!" Even a one-brain-celled Minister would know that this potato was too hot to hold. 

Instead she has made the government look like a beetle-browed bully, has opened up us the tax-payers for a hefty compensation bill (will she be reaching into her own pocket? I doubt it) and aggravated the Brazilians (ambassador called in for a rocket) who haven't really gotten over the British police shooting dead Jean-Charles de Menezes yet and the Guardian newspaper who aren't going to let go of this bone any time soon.

The Prime Minister may yet have to throw our Teressa under a bus just to pacify all concerned.


Anonymous said...

I just find it amusing that his last name is Miranda - as in "Miranda rights" as in you have a right to a lawyer etc. Well maybe you used to?

Nationalist said...

That's rather American. Nobody has Miranda rights in the UK, and the Terrorism Act says that failure to answer questions will get you sent to jail.