Tuesday, 22 October 2013

It's open season on blonde girls

I suppose it had to happen: first there was the Blonde Angel, a little blue-eyed blonde girl, four to six years old, initially claimed as the natural child of two of the ugliest, brown-eyed, brown-skinned Greek "Roma" (politically correct term for gypsies) you ever did see. Then she was their adopted daughter, and now who knows, seems like the paperwork is not in order and the girl has been taken away and is in the care of a charity.

Ironically, the "father" referred to the girl as like having a bomb in the house. He was right -  he's looking at twenty years for abduction.

And now another blonde girl has been found; seven years old, in Dublin, Ireland, supposedly the natural daughter of another Roma couple. The police did not believe them and the girl has been taken into protective custody. Of course we won't be seeing pictures of this little blonde girl because Ireland isn't lawless like Greece.

It seems we need a major witch-hunt. All Roma sites in Europe are going to have to be visited to see if they have got little blonde, blue-eyed girls. If they have the paperwork had better be in pristine condition otherwise there will be big trouble.

Perhaps if we do that we will find the ultimate missing little blonde girl - Madeleine McCann.

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