Friday, 22 November 2013

Is there no end to the wrongdoings of the Rev Paul Flowers?

It seems every day brings a new scandal. It is difficult to keep up. To date we have...

  • Filmed buying cocaine and crystal meth.
  • Used cannabis, ketamine and GHB.
  • Used Co-op money to pay for rent boy threesomes.
  • Resigned from council after homosexual porn found on his work computer.
  • Convicted of gross indecency with man in public toilet. 
  • Suspended indefinitely as Methodist minister.
  • Fired from Co-op board over excessive expenses claims (not surprising really!)

And now, finally, he has been arrested on a charge of being concerned in the supply of drugs.

Jimmy Savile was said to have been "hiding in plain sight". And now we have another wrong-un doing the same (although there are no suggestions of paedophilia with Flowers.) How many more are there?

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