Monday, 16 December 2013

Snowden may get amnesty

Back in July I blogged that the signficant difference between Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning is that Snowden had access to TOP SECRET intel, but Manning only had a SECRET clearance.

Now the benefits of this are becoming apparent. The NSA seems to be flirting with the idea of granting Snowden an amnesty in return for his not releasing any more files.

Clearly Snowden knows too much - and one must assume he has held back some dynamite stuff about the intelligence agencies and they are deathly afraid he will reveal it.

Of course if he gets and accepts the amnesty and returns to the USA he is going to need some serious insurance to avoid being bumped off; insurance in the form of data disks to be made public in the event of his death perhaps.

Julian Assange has much the same insurance. Various newspapers are holding encrypted disks and only Assange knows the key. He could make one phone call and put everything in the public domain.

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