Monday, 17 March 2014

Second fat lady dies

Clarissa Dickson Wright, remaining "fat lady", has died. Her partner in cookery Jennifer Paterson died in 1999.

This blog had a soft spot for Miss Dickson Wright due to her dedicated rejection of all forms of political correctness; including relishing the title "fat lady" and writing in her autobiography that there are a frightening number of muslims in Leicester.

She was a reminder of better times when the British were more robust in their attitudes and not afraid to call a spade a spade.


chefdave said...

I remember her comments causing a bit of a storm at the time among the liberal elite. A sad loss indeed. Talking of Islamic Northern towns, have you read the Islamic Republic of Dewsbury BN? I've just finished it and it makes for a cracking read.

Nationalist said...

No I haven't read it. I probably don't need to. Islamification is well documented. If we just look over the channel to France we can see the next stages: police no-go zones and Friday street praying to obstruct the locals in the name of Allah.