Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BNP euro election broadcast

The euro elections are on the 22nd of May and like all parties standing candidates the BNP is entitled to TV election broadcasts. These were shown yesterday, unfortunately the various TV channels involved saw fit to censor the tape with a lot of beeping and some parts they just refused to show at all and Simon Darby (press officer) had to fill in with a voice-over.

However, you can view the uncensored film below or on the BNP web site .


chefdave said...

Thanks BN I'll take a look. What do you think of Liberty GB? Have you researched them much? Paul Weston's arrest on Saturday for quoting Churchill has given them a bit of much needed publicity. He's an interesting character.

Nationalist said...

Hi Chefdave, I don't know much about Liberty GB but they sound like their heart's in the right place. I have read Churchill's "River War" and it's massively non-PC about the natives.

However one of the things WC says in the book is that the main reason GB invaded Egypt is to stop Arab slavery - a worthy cause everyone quietly overlooks because they like to think slavery is a solely European thing.