Friday, 11 April 2014

Nigel Evans acquitted

When allegations first surfaced about Nigel Evans, MP, Deputy Speaker of the Commons, even this blog expressed doubt that there was any substance to the suggestion of homosexual rape times two. When it went to trial this blog was amazed.

Now of course he has been acquitted on all counts.

During the trial, of the seven "victims", three claimed no crime had taken place and one even sent supportive messages to Mr Evans. One called him an "all round good egg."

The CPS seem to have gone mad on this case. Early on they obviously realised they had a weak case. They went for a trawl through the history books, dragging up incidents that happened ten years ago, trying to make up in evidential quantity what they lacked in quality.

The prosecution was led by senior treasury counsel. There are only about eight of these QCs and they are normally reserved for murder and terrorism cases. Mr Evans was put to considerable personal expense assembling a legal team anywhere near as high-powered as the CPS had. A massive number of police officers were also assigned to the case.

It is not obvious why the CPS were so determined to nail Mr Evans; possibly simple homophobia. But it is clear there needs to be a root and branch reform of the service so this sort thing can never happen again.

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