Thursday, 3 April 2014

Operation Trojan Horse

Birmingham City council seems to have come into possession of a blueprint used by Salafi muslims to take over an area.

Schools with a substantial muslim attendance are targeted. They first get people onto the school board then start a campaign against the Head Teacher, for example anonymously suggesting he or she is encouraging cheating. The Head Teacher is investigated, school exam results are cancelled. Outside bodies get involved and investigations start. In due course the HT is exonerated, but by then a new rumour has been started -  the HT is teaching muslim children Christian prayers. More investigations. Eventually he or she can take it no more and retires or moves to a school in a different area.

Now there is vacancy at the top. The board must meet to select a replacement. But wait, hard line muslims have already packed the board. The new man is not properly qualified; he cannot speak English properly, but he is a Salafi muslim. Henceforce all recruits to the school will be muslims. The school's multi-million pound tax-payer-provided budget is now at the disposal of extremist muslims.

It seems in Birmingham twelve schools have fallen to Islam in this way and the documents obtained by the council suggest moving on to Bradford and Manchester. 

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