Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ukip posters "racist"

The treacherous rabble of the LibLabCon who have for decade after decade betrayed the British people are now squealing that Ukip is putting up racist posters.

They are doing this because they have nowhere else to go; they have no counter-arguments; nothing to offer, and a track-record which does not bear scrutiny. So they call racist.

Well, let's look at these posters and see just how racist they are.

Here's one....

Some racism there? I don't see any mention of black people, or brown people. And most Europeans are white, so objecting to EU immigration can hardly be racist.

Let's try another poster...

It's "Your country needs you!" all over again. (The WWI recruitment poster featuring Lord Kitchener.) But racist? Hardly, no mention of race at all.

Now let's look at a Tory poster...

Oo-er! Not coloured neighbours! Thank Heavens for the Tory Ministry of Repatriation, they will save us. (OK, it is a poster from the 1964 general election, but still...)

Needless to say, the BBC is giving this alleged racism maximum prominence.

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