Thursday, 4 September 2014

MOD to buy 589 vehicles at £6m each

You thought we were poor and austerity was the order of the day? Nope, check out what your taxes will be buying next...

General Dynamics Scout SV: Six million quid each,
comes with side-mounted shovels and
can crush cardboard boxes.

The MOD will be spending £3.5bn for 589 of these vehicles - which works out at roughly six million pounds each. They are SCOUT SVs (Specialist Vehicles) and come with a 40mm cannon, grenade-launchers, a removable turret and a load of electronics.

It has to be said, the vehicle is basically a computer on tracks, but still, that's an eye-watering amount of money to hand out.

Given that we are now out of Afghanistan and out of Iraq and never went into Syria it is not totally clear where these 600-ish vehicles will be deployed - possibly Salisbury Plain.

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