Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Annus horribilis

It's shaping up to be another horrible year for HM the Queen. The last time she used the phrase annus horribilis (1992) her second son, the Duke of York, had just got divorced. Now he is in the frame for under-aged sex with a sex slave.

Well, that's allegedly, but the reported facts don't actually support the allegations. He is alledged to have slept with an American woman called Virgina Roberts when she was 17 and he was 42. The trysts supposedly occurred in London, New York and the Caribbean (British Virgin Islands).

Newspapers are casually reporting this as "under-aged" but the age of consent is federally 16 in the USA, specifically 17 in New York state, and of course 16 through out the United Kingdom. So, even if the reported facts are true, and they are denied by official statements from Buckingham Palace, the Duke of York would not actually have committed a crime; nor even committed adultery since he would have been single at the time.

However, there is no point letting the facts get in the way of a salacious, money-making, front-page story with much mileage left in it, is there?

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