Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Eric Pickles puts foot in mouth

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric "Who ate all the pies?" Pickles, has been prompted by the Paris terrorism to write a letter to 1,000 of the most important muslims in the UK. In it he exhorts these muslim leaders to put an end to the radicalisation of young muslims; in fact he says they are uniquely able to do this.

Rt Hon Branston Pickles, MP

The Muslim Council of Britain sent him a rather sarky response. Their first beef was simply that he hadn't included them in the 1,000 most important muslims. The MCB considers itself the voice for muslims in Britain (they don't bother calling it Great Britain anymore) and being left off the list gnawed at their amour propre.

They go on to aver that they have nothing to prove when it comes to Britishness, assert that the country is "ours" and resent the implication that extremists are somehow created in mosques.

Pickles can do no right it seems.

The MCB btw is actually a Pakistani organisation which claims to represent all UK muslims but largely excludes the Arab contingent, which in turn resents them right back.

Bizarrely Pickles spends a lot of the letter worrying about hatred of muslims and letting these 1,000 top men know of the many ways they can report any "hate crimes" against muslims that may have been provoked by muslims killing police and cartoonists in France. He goes on to revile the EDL and Britain First and their thuggish ways. ("Thug" is a Hindi word and these blog is minded to report Jabba the Pickle for even using it - hate speech surely?!)

But this blog is far more concerned about how the BNP seems to have been left off the list of untouchables (oops!) Did he just forget them, or is he admitting that the BNP is not thuggish? Some clarification is required here. And how does he even know about Britain First? BF is a small, recent organisation which splintered off from the BNP a year or so ago (they flounced out when Nick the Griff got re-elected as Chairman.) Frankly BF should be flattered to be on the Hut's radar at all. And the EDL has been defunct since Tommy Robinson quit as leader; ministerial radar not so good after all.

Anyway, it all goes to show - there is really no pleasing some people.

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