Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Media not very brave

The first post-massacre Charlie Hebdo mag is out with a sold-out three million copies print run - they normally sell 30,000-40,000 per week - and the question on everyone's lips is: who will dare show the cover which features yet another cartoon of Mo?

Caption: "All is forgiven."

The BBC have dipped their toes in the Jihad water with a TV report which showed the issue being printed and for a fraction of a second a box full of magazines is in shot and you can see into the box and just about make out the cartoon if you already know what it looks like.

They must be feeling very brave and smug.

The newspapers are no better. They all cover the long queues to buy a copy in France but none of them quite shows the cover in full.

Daily Telegraph: No Mo at all!
Guardian: Mo is a bit folded

Daily Mail: Where has Mo gone?

They are all running scared - which of course means the terrorists have won.

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