Thursday, 5 March 2015

Internet war

It could be that the last twenty years have been a golden age of the Internet, never to be repeated.

At the moment the domain naming system is worldwide and honoured by just about every country in the world (possibly not North Korea.) There are no serious disagreements about who gets what name and how the routing should work; of course you do get cyber-squatters but basically the system works. (Just for laughs - check out this link: and ask yourself: why?)

But now ICANN is de-registering Crimean domain names in order to comply with trade sanctions imposed by the USA and EU.  We could be seeing the start of a fragmentation of the 'net, with different countries imposing different rules on who owns what domain and how the routing works, ie, you enter and you see a completely different website depending on which country you're in. Emails to would go to a completely different person depending on where they originated.

The global nature of the Internet would be lost. The big powers, USA-EU vs Russia vs China, would each impose their own view of the world and escaping from your 'zone' would be difficult and maybe even illegal.

This could hardly be considered progress.

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