Thursday, 19 March 2015

Things we won't say about race that are true

Trevor Philips, ex-CEHR chairman and boogey man of nationalists, has come out with his Channel 4 programme in which he thinks he breaks all the taboos and says all the unsayable things.

Pakistani muslims groom and rape under-aged girls; Turks import heroin; Colombians import cocaine; blacks commit violent crime and Jews are rich and powerful - he says it all, backs it up with stats, and says we should stare these facts in the face and it's not racist or politically incorrect to say them.

New immigrant, new danger

Philips seems to have overlooked the nationalist awakening of the last decade and thinks he is saying something new and bold (although he does, near the end, attend a UKIP meeting where hundreds of people who saw the light years before him were congregated.) We get to see the infamous interview with Nigel Farrage which exercised the media so much a few days ago but the killer "race discrimination" question was cut out. Nigel is left saying British jobs for British workers is UKIP policy and the Party is otherwise colour blind, which is fairly innocuous.

Philips also has a rare-these-days interview with Tony Blair who had nothing interesting to say and just stuck to the "immigration is good" line. He would. He's hardly likely to say: Sorry I wrecked the country.

After acknowledging that racial stereotypes are basically true you might think Philips would go on to draw the obvious conclusion that immigration is a bad thing and we have clasped vipers to our bosom. But no, once he has said what he considers unsayable but would be commonplace in any whites-only conversation, he does not recommend a solution along the lines of when in a hole stop digging. Instead he goes off to find some immigrant success stories to mitigate the whole situation.

He finds a school where 40+ ethnicities are represented and is delighted to hear from the headmistress that the ethnics are more successful that the native English. The head (who is native English, naturally) says she has devoted years to each of the ethnic groups, focusing on one then the next, raising their standards, and now she actually needs to put some effort into the English who have fallen behind.

Both she and Philips seem quite smug that the English are behind the others. Philips seems oblivious to the fact that if we had not had mass immigration the under-performing Brits would have had all the attention all the time, and judging by the fact the school seemed to be 90% ethnic, a much more favourable pupil/teacher ratio.

In short Philips seems unable to move from the facts he acknowledges: immigrants commit proportionately vastly more crime and absorb more resources in schools, to the conclusion that we should not therefore have immigration. He seems to think that some immigrants being successful justifies all of them being here; whereas in fact even successful immigrants are bad for Britain because they still take jobs, occupy houses and congest the roads.

And that is even if we disregard the predatory nature of immigrant crime and the occasional country-wide rioting and a few bombings and beheadings. Trevor didn't mention riots or beheading, although the London bombings did get a look in.

In the conclusion to his programme Trevor Philips should have said: If the native British had any sense they would get rid of the  lot of us - we either prey on them criminally or outcompete them.

He didn't say that. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas.

But Christmas comes anyway.

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Jonathan Bradshaw said...

I'd just like to say as a white British person that I think multiculturalism is perfectly fine. There is no "us" and there is no "them". Relax and enjoy the wonder of existence.