Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tories promise not to raise taxes

All parties are bleeding out election promises at the moment, trying to control the news agenda and maintain momentum until the general election next week. Perhaps it's desperation, but suddenly some rather serious promises are being made. The Tories have just pledged not to raise income tax, national insurance or VAT for the life of the next parliament, and to enact a law which ties their own hands so they cannot break their promise.

This is quite a generous promise. Of course they can still raise taxes on banks and oil companies but with that pledge in place its gets quite difficult to scalp the ordinary citizen harder. They would be reduced to inflating the minor taxes such as duty on cigarettes, and alcohol and car tax.

Ironically, they have to promise to enact this promise in law because otherwise everyone will assume they'll just break it in office; let's not forget five years ago they promised to abolish national insurance and it's still there. Which leaves the wanna-be Tory MPs telling interviewers that this a special promise they are not going to break while at the same not admitting they've ever broken any promise.

Still, it's a pretty good promise. Over to you Labour, let's see you raise that!

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