Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tomorrow vote UKIP

The promises are all in and we are now in a position to decide who to vote for in tomorrow's general election.

The Tories have pledged to freeze income tax, national insurance and VAT and to reduce the deficit to zero over the next five years. They will also raise the inheritance tax threashold to one million pounds and the tax free personal allowance to £12,500.   They have also promised a referendum on EU membership by 2017. Also a vote-swayer is their plan to allow housing association tenants to have the same rights to buy as council house tenants. There are more than a million HA tenants - that's got to be an attractive policy for them.

Both the Tories and the Lib Dems have promised £8bn more for the NHS - without saying quite where that money will come from.

The Lib Dems would put a "mansion tax" on houses worth more than two million pounds.

Labour have made a similar promise on tax freezes but not on IHT or the personal allowance and will raise the minimum wage to £8 per hour. The Greens would make it £10 per hour. Labour would cut University fees to £6,000 per years; the Greens would make Universities free.

Miliband has pledged no deal with the SNP. The SNP has pledged no deal with the Tories. The Lib Dems will deal with anyone.

In 2010 this blog endorsed the British National Party. However the BNP has effectively imploded after the expulsion of former leader Nick Griffin. They are only standing 8 candidates nationally, compared to 339 back in 2010. So as a force they are now spent. UKIP is now occupying their ground and Nigel Farrage is on record as saying that UKIP is the "same as the BNP only without the racism." (The BNP is not actually racist though.) So, for being sound on what matters - not the ephemera of taxing and spending, but the existential matters of Europe and immigration - this blog recommends its readers to vote UKIP.

That said, it's quite likely UKIP will get ten to fifteen percent of the vote but only return two or three MPs to Westminster, while the SNP will get 4% and return 50 MPs. But even if there is no chance of UKIP winning in your area you should still vote UKIP because 1) it encourages the candidates when they get support and makes them likely to stand again in the future, and 2) a large percentage of the overall vote gives UKIP moral authority and affects how other parties will behave in government.

And you never know, UKIP may wildly exceed expectation and get a landslide of MPs.

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