Thursday, 25 June 2015

Greece up for sale

Troika negotiations with the Greek government are going down to the wire. Some troika requirements are reasonable reforms, but others are naked asset grabbing. The multinational corporations are circling like vultures, ready to swoop on the mandatory "international tenders" the EU/etc is insisting on.

The claw of the bird is the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) which will handle the asset sales once the Greek government capitulates. The HRADF mission statement reads...

The sole mission of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund’s (HRADF) is to maximize the proceeds of the Hellenic Republic from the development and/or sale of assets. This should be construed as the virtual sum of the proceeds from the transfer of assets to the private sector and the economic benefits from ensuing direct investment in these assets and the opening up of the respective market sectors.

...which sounds almost benign.

So if you're an international asset stripper looking for a nation state corpse to feed on, place your bids here:

Airports, waterworks, power companies, transport companies, all must go at knockdown prices.

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