Friday, 26 June 2015

UK must take share of Mediterranean migrants

Says the UN, also says Greece and Italy.

Apparently they cannot effectively police their own borders so now it's our problem. The French are also blaming us for the 2,000 invaders waiting at Calais, ignoring of course the irony that the reason the wanna-be illegal immigrants are blocked at Calais is because UK border enforcement is so much better than the French. These people wouldn't even be in France if the French cops were doing their job. (They don't even try to catch them in Calais, just chase them around a bit.)

"Dave" Cameron has sensibly said "non" to the Eurotrash. The UK is full and we don't want more parasites feeding off our taxes. Hom Sec Teressa May has given us another cheeky flash of backbone by saying, "send them back to Africa."

That's not going to happen of course. The Italians are far to lackadaisical to put the flotsam that washes up in a boat and drop them back on the North African shore. The UK could help here.

Check this out:

The Royal Navy has two of these!

Inside the amphibious assault ship (HMS Albion) shown above there are eight more conventional beach landing craft just waiting to come out and deposit the hoards back on their home continent. Each landing craft can hold 50 illegals. So the 60,000 who have arrived in Italy so far this year could be returned home in 150 trips; two ships; say two trips a day, job done in just over a month.

This is the first European port of call for many migrants:

Lampedusa: Italian in name only
It's the Italian island of Lampedusa.  It's five miles long and Europe's front line. If the Italians wanted help to convert it into a secure holding facility for illegals that would be much more acceptable. They could designate it the reception and holding facility for illegals and the landing craft could plough backwards and forwards to Africa from there. It's about a 100 mile journey. No biggie.


Anonymous said...

Sod sending 'em back. I'd use the boats for target practice, bet that would cut down the flow pronto!

Nationalist said...

Clearly the boats must be sunk or they will just use them all over again endlessly. However, this blog endorses taking the migrants off the boat first. ;)