Monday, 20 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn is Michael Foot v2.0

The Labour leadership contest has taken a turn for the worse, or better, depending on your point of view: Jeremy Corbyn is riding high in the polls; at 10/3 he is odds on favourite to win; all thanks to his unreconstructed 1970's style socialism. He seems to talk about little else than "justice" and "equality".

Comrade Corbyn wears a hat

This is a big problem for the party. Like Michael Foot back in 1980, he has a fatal allure to party activists but could never get elected as Prime Minister. The late Foot was a duffel coat wearing bumbler without a Prime Ministerial bone in his body but he ticked every box for grassroots Labour.

Foot lost Labour the 1983 general election and was soon replaced by Neil Kinnock. Corbyn, who will be 71 at the time of the next election, has no chance of attracting the centre-ground floating voter and so would do the same for Labour now, lose them the 2020 election and have to stand down.

So the party is marching quite determinedly towards a cliff edge. The senior MPs of course can see this and have ganged up on JC. All the other candidates for leadership have said they would not have him in their cabinet. But unfortunately for them their votes do not count for as much as they used to. Time was the MPs cast one third of all votes but this time it's strictly one member one vote. (However 'members' do include registered supporters.) So keeping Corbyn out is going to be tricky.

The Labour party has a history of suicide attempts and it looks like it is about to make another slash at the wrist.

The winner will be announced on 12th September.

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Anonymous said...

Saw him on TV here in the USA the other night and said exactly the same thing...