Thursday, 30 July 2015

The unspoken truth about Calais

Have you noticed that the UK press is up in arms about the migrant hoards truck-jumping at Calais; the British people are incensed at the traffic jams on the motorways and the failed attempts to go on holiday, and yet the British government refuses to take more than a very mild line with the French?

Our government is letting the French government off easy, and for very good reason.

Darkling hoards despise fences

It's because the French have granted us a generous concession. We get to put our immigration officers on their side of the border so we can check entitlement before someone actually enters the UK. Without this concession any person wanting to enter the UK would be on this scepter'd isle before being asked for papers. The hoards gather at Calais only because we are allowed to stop them on French soil.

Anytime we piss the French off they could withdraw this concession, tell us to take our bobbies home, and we would have to deal with the immigrants after they were already in the UK. That's a two year process - during which we are obliged to feed and house the applicant for admission.

So don't knock the French. They have no obligation to police people leaving their country.


Anonymous said...

I think the solution is simple, we should just turn the Isle of Wight into a giant deportation camp. Actually that's a bit close to the British coast, maybe we should use Alderney, after all that's how it was used by the Gerries during WW2.

Anonymous said...

Come to that what we really need are deportation trains, it's not like there isn't a railway line handy and it's a proven technology. We could scoot them all the way back to Marseilles. That should take a while to walk back...

Nationalist said...

The trains idea is good. Unfortunately trains won't go all the way to Africa. Boats are going to be needed at some point.

The govt finally seems to be getting tough on the problem though. Five years in jail for landlords who rent to illegals is big stick.