Thursday, 23 July 2015

Trump for president

The Americans will be voting in 2016 for their 45th president. Various hats are in the ring, including that belonging to the thrice-wed New Yorker Donald Trump who seems to have decided in February this year, more or less on a whim, to run for president.

Trump generally favours style over substance. He makes a big fanfare and announces grandiose projects; generally the delivery of those projects is somewhat less than awesome. Notionally his business is "real estate" but his real business is "Trump" - he puts his name to things and takes a cut. It was typically Trump that after deciding to run for president he had to pick a party and join it. He has been a member of most parties but seems to have settled on the Republicans this time.

In Trump's business world all publicity is good publicity. Even if he never reaches the ballot his foray into politics will translate into business success. The "bigger" his name gets, the more he can charge for using it.

But, somewhat unexpectedly, Trump's candidature is being taken seriously. He has two advantages the other candidates do not: his $7 billion personal fortune, and the fact he has never held elected office. Together these mean he is beholden to no one and owes no favours and does not have to do deals to get money.

So he is currently riding high. His blunt speaking (and tweeting) is playing well with the right wing,

Some sample tweets from today...

What a waste of time being interviewed by [Anderson Cooper] when he puts on really stupid talking heads like Tim O'Brien - dumb guy with no clue!

Media attacking you early this morning. A GOOD SIGN! America is proud of you for ignoring the MEDIA and telling it like it is!

Congress Can't Find Money for Veterans *Houses, Feeds, Educates, Provide Drs for illegals *Gives Iran over $200 Billion 
Of course "The Donald" (as his first wife Ivanka once called him) has feinted at the White House before and then shied away. But if he sticks at it he could be a contender.

Trump vs Hillary anyone?

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