Monday, 3 August 2015

The cuckoo principle

Until yesterday the USA was unique in one respect: it was the only country in the world where illegal immigrants march in the street demanding their 'rights'. Not their actual rights, but new rights, the right to be in a country they entered illegally.

You would think that illegals marching and chanting would be a magnet for police who could round them up and deport en masse. But apparently in America that doesn't happen. And now it doesn't happen in Europe either. Last night saw the hoards at Calais breaking down fences and chanting, "Open the door and let us in."

About 70% of them actually make it in eventually. Once here they are entitled to a hotel room and three cooked meals a day, and until this week, a payment of £36 per week for other expenses.

When questioned about why they want to come to the UK they answer two things: 1) my friends and family are already in the UK, and 2) the UK is much more generous than other countries when it comes to benefits. It seems they try other countries, eg Italy and France, but decide to move on. Some of them even have a lawful right to remain in other EU countries but destroy their paperwork and set out for the UK. Answer (1) of course is merely a symptom of previous failures to police our borders properly.

Anyone who thinks it would a good idea to let them in should consider the chart below:

World population chart

It's clear what we are seeing now is a serious population shift. The world's population is doubling every 40 years and the surplus people from other places are now trying to take our lands, although, ironically, their countries of origin have lower population densities than Western Europe, and especially the UK. (The UK has twice the population density of China.)

However the native population of the UK is static. Left to our own devices we would not over populate our island. But we are being swamped by immigrants. Our future as a nation is threatened by this invasion; both because the land cannot support the increased numbers, and because the immigrants are by their nature fast and careless breeders. Even in "the Jungle", the makeshift camp at Calais, babies are being born. The concept of waiting, or only having the children you can afford is meaningless to them. They work on the cuckoo principle of forcing others to support them and their children.

Denying them entrance and deporting them if they manage to get in is not heartless - it's survival.

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