Monday, 14 September 2015

Achtung! Papers!

Well, that didn't take long - Germany has closed the border with Austria.

The reason....

...too many of these.

The German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced that the border with Austria was closed to undocumented persons, in violation of the Schengen Agreement. We can now expect a cascade effect because the only reason Austria was letting them in is because they could pass them on to Germany. So Austria will stop taking them from Hungary and Hungary will have to stop them entering from Serbia.

There will be a build-up somewhere in the system, and if it's an unfriendly place like Serbia or Macedonia violence is to be expected.

The effect on Chancellor Angela Merkel's rating is starting to show...

Sad face
Seventy-one percent of Germans now disapprove of her policy and don't want any more immigrants let into the country. There have been riots in Dresden - not generally reported by the BBC with its own agenda to push. Fortunately for Merkel she is mid-term at the moment and won't be facing the electorate until 2017.

And talking of BBC agendas - look at the top picture. It's a representation sample of migrants; 9 out of 10 are single young men (flicking victory signs). When conducting interviews the Beeb always contrives to give the wrong impression by showing mothers with young children but the reality is much different. Families have been left at home. The Germans are allowing a foreign army to build up in their country.

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