Monday, 14 September 2015

Daddy issues

Behold Ms Charlotte Proudman, PhD (student) and Barrister...

Ms Proudperson

Having recently started a work-placement at Chambers Ms Proudman fired off a few 'friend' requests to people she had never met to bolster her address book. Mr Carter-Silk, solicitor and senior partner at a law firm, looked like a good connexion to have. Barristers get their briefs from solicitors so sucking up to them is an essential Barristorial skill.

Mr Alexander Carter-Silk 

Mr Carter-Silk it seems took a look at the unsolicited approach in his email and, despite being vastly more senior than Ms Proudperson, decided to take her on as a friend and responded along the lines of: Charlotte, delighted to connect. This is probably horrendously politically incorrect but that is a stunning photo.

To which Ms Proudy responded with words to the effect of, Alex, I find your message offensive. I am on LinkedIn for business purposes not to be approached about my physical appearance or to be objectified by sexist men. [blah, blah...] Think twice before sending another woman (half your age) such a sexist message. (She couldn't actually spell LinkedIn but I have corrected it here.)

She then seems to have decided to maximise her satisfaction by tweeting her response to the world, presumably with a view to basking in the adulation of her fellow outraged feminists. 

Mr Carter-Silk responded with an apology which Ms P didn't like because it wasn't grovelly enough.

But, unfortunately for Ms P she has been throwing stones from the comfort of a glass house because Daily Mail journalists performed a cursory search on Facebook and found her referring to men she liked as "hot stuff" and "oo-err Missus" (I may have made that last one up.)

It looks like she developed "daddy issues" when her father died and left all his money to cancer research. Considering her father died when he was 37 one might guess he actually suffered from cancer and considered it a more deserving cause than his proud daughter (who assumed the name "Proudman" when she dropped her father's surname.)

Alexander Carter-Silk has clearly made a number of serious mistakes. He should never have prefaced his first email with the words, This is probably horrendously politically incorrect but..., that's just asking for trouble. Better would have been, Cute picture but you're the most junior it's possible to be and I'm a senior partner so I think not.

Realistically Ms Proud was trading on her looks trying to get a connexion with a senior partner she had never met  anyway. And since her looks aren't all that anyway he should have turned her down. (Not that we can really judge her looks. She wears hijab levels of make-up. Doesn't she know make-up is a conspiracy of the patriarchy?!)

Mr Carter-Silk should certainly not have apologised in his response. Better would have been, I don't appreciate your ageist attitude and you have breached my copyright by publishing my email.

Sadly Ms P has now blotted her copybook for life. She is forever going to be known for her pompous retort. Maybe she should change her name again.

On the plus side Mr Carter-Silk will probably sail serenely on.

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