Thursday, 24 September 2015

Don't diss Lord Ashcroft

Seriously, don't. All this week the Daily Mail has been publishing extracts from his new book and so far we have allegations that:

  • David Cameron took canabis
  • David Cameron took cocaine
  • David Cameron was groomed by the KGB
  • David Cameron put his penis in a (dead) pig's mouth
  • David Cameron blamed deputy PM Clegg for not giving Ashcroft a job
  • David Cameron was told off by the Queen for nearly breaking the UK over Scottish independence.
  • David Cameron made his wife's hair fall out
Quite why Cameron didn't properly reward Lord Ashcroft for 10 years' work and £8m donated to the party is unclear. Clegg denies vetoing a senior position for him so it looks like it was Cameron's decision alone.

He's probably regretting it now.

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