Thursday, 3 September 2015

Germany has blinked

Last week we were bombarded with images of migrants out of the Middle East kicking down fences to get into Macedonia and then forcing their way onto trains to get across to Serbia, where of course they did not stop, as now we are seeing the hoards outside Budapest railway station in Hungary. (We didn't see much in the way of reporting from Serbia - the Serbians seem to have just waved them through.)

Hoard reaches Budapest, Hungary
The pull factor is Germany which is now willing to take a million migrants a year out of Syria. So course, as you would expect, all of Syria is on the move. The German people are reported to be generally sympathetic and welcoming although this may not last - the state of Bavaria has broken ranks and said it will not take any refugees.
Genghis Kahn didn't manage this (got stuck in Austria)
The next country on the migration route is Austria. So far the hoard hasn't gotten through Hungary and it looks like the Hungarian authorities are putting up more of fight than Macedonia or Serbia did. 
The Hungarian police tried to stop a train commandeered by migrants 25 miles outside Budapest where they have a big reception centre but the migrants weren't having it. The migrants know the rule that they must stop in the nearest safe place and they do not want to be registered (ie fingerprinted) in Hungary.

With such a long lead time we can hope the Austrians are even better prepared at the border.

It goes without saying that any refugee who makes it as far as Calais is an economic migrant even if he started out as a genuine asylum seeker since he will have passed through many safe countries to get that far.

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