Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Germany has turned suicidal

Angela Merkel has said Germany will take half a million Syrian migrants per year - every year!

If she means it then that's effectively national suicide. The Syrians will re-create Syria in Germany. They won't turn into Germans. That's not the way it works. Geography does not make a nation; people make a nation. Germany would be Germany anywhere the German people were. If Syria were exclusively inhabited by the Germanic peoples then Beamers and Mercs would come from Syria and that's where the Oktoberfest would happen.

Germany may be rich at the moment, and they have only recently become rich again after absorbing the costs of re-unification, but they won't stay rich for long with a massive muslim population. BBC reporters have done a good job of spotting the families and children in the invading hoard, but even they, when forced, admit that 9 out of 10 of the migrants are young men.

The "refugee" status of the migrants is a complete fiction. They are safe in Turkey. They are actually safe in many parts of Syria itself, including Damascus where life carries on as normal for the most part.

Sentiment in Europe was turned by the dead boy on a beach. Various idiots have claimed "his parents would not have put him in a boat if it were not safer than the land," but where was he, his brother and his mother buried? In Syria! Yes, the father took the bodies back to Syria for the funeral and has turned down an asylum offer from Canada (where his sister lives) and intends to live in Syria from now on.

Was safe in Syria - victim of father's greed!

At best the hoards headed for Germany are economic migrants who have selected the richest country in Europe as their destination. Germany guarantees each and every one of them housing and support. So they marched out of Syria, across Turkey, across the sea to Greece, across Macedonia and Serbia and even Hungary and Austria were not good enough for them. Only at the German border do they consider themselves "home".

It's obvious that the Middle East is now going to siphon into Germany. Are there enough empty houses? Job vacancies - for people who mainly don't speak German? No, of course not. And the German government knows this. Why Merkel has embarked on this foolishness is baffling. Germany does not have any moral liability for the Middle East situation. They have not been involved in the wars against Iraq. They are still being tripped by residual guilt from the second world war; a war few people can even remember. Angela Merkel certainly cannot, she wasn't born back then.

They had better come to their senses fast or they will have big problems.

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