Monday, 14 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: some thoughts

So Comrade Corbyn won just like everyone assumed he would and now we are all kicking ourselves we didn't place a bet back when he was 500/1 against.

Power to the people!
The other Labour leadership candidates looked "suitably delighted" for him when the results where announced, although Yvette Cooper had a little cry and Liz Kendall actually looked relived.

So what now? Is the show over? Of course not, it's just getting started. The next installment is PMQs on Wednesday this week when Corbyn will take his first swipe at Cameron. That should be interesting to put it mildly.

Before then Corbyn needs to appoint a shadow cabinet and it seems a bit of a bloodbath is in progress. Moderates and Blairites are being purged to make room for socialists with pedigrees dating back to the Cretaceous (the  last time dinosaurs ruled.) Comrade Corbyn has 35 years of grudges that need sorting out. His appointments so far are drawn from the fringes of the party so mainly people no-one has ever heard of: eg John McDonnell as shadow Chancellor, Angela Eagle as "first secretary", Heidi Alexander as shadow Health Secretary.

A bit more familiar are Diane Abbott and Andy Burnham, the only other leadership candidate who would agree to work with Corbyn.

A big buzzing fly in the ointment is the fact that Corbyn is eurosceptic. Historically Labour has been pro-Europe while the Tories were anti. But now it looks like Euroscepticism will be quite acceptable on all sides of the House. The referendum in 2017 is looking like a wide open goal.

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