Thursday, 1 October 2015

Putin wins again

Russian President Vladimir Putin has outmaneuvered the West by joining in the air strikes on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Once again Kremlin strategists have wrong-footed the hopeless amateurs in Washington and London.

The real politik is that the West desperately does not want the Russians in the middle east and they do want to overthrow the Assad regime in Damascus. Assad supports Hezbollah which periodically attacks Israel. The Zionist lobby in DC therefore nominates Assad as Public Enemy #1.

The problem is that the public in the USA and UK have seen a lot of beheading videos and think anyone fighting ISIS must be a good guy. So America is torn between bombing ISIS and bombing Assad; in fact there is no-one in Syria they don't want to bomb, but various shadowing groups have ensured that high quality ISIS beheading vids get lots of airtime and Assad is looking like yesterday's boogey man. Add to that the Russians have been allied with Assad since the year dot (because of his Mediterranean access) and it all gets very frustrating for your average American neo-con.

The Russians are well-placed to bomb ISIS because, being friends with Assad, they get to use his airbases. So they are likely to be more effective than the West and now have a perfect excuse to build up substantial forces in the area. Forces which could be used to defend Assad against the West should the Zionists ever manage to get regime-change in Damascus back on the agenda.

Also, America now considers most of the middle east to be under her military control - notable exception: Iran. The US basically has air superiority in most countries with the agreement of the local friendly government: ie, Israel, Iraq, Saudi. The UAE and Oman are long-term allies. Which really only leaves the Lebanon and Yemen - both lawless hellholes of no strategic significance, and no actual governments.

But now the Russians have moved in, with an impeccable excuse, doing nothing more than the Americans were already doing, and are throwing around considerable weight. The Americans were notified that Russian bombing was about to begin when a 3-star Russian general knocked on the front door of the US embassy in Baghdad and gave precisely 60 minutes notice that "American" airspace was about to be buzzing with Russian jets.

Cue much gnashing of teeth. The Americans and allies hate the Russian presence but cannot think of any good reason to object. So far they have only come up with the Russians being a bit hit and miss, but since Western forces have killed any number of innocents that is not much of a reason.

Putin is continuing a period of Russian expansionism. He has taken the Crimea, is in the process of taking Eastern Ukraine and now is moving into the Arabian peninsula.

Meanwhile the public in Europe and America now so despise their own governments for being completely sold-out to all interests except their own citizens' that they are actually rooting for the Ruskies.

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