Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Syrian migrants find back-door into UK

It seems two boats carrying 140 Syrian migrants have landed at an RAF base on Cyprus, thus putting them on British sovereign territory. It is a longer boat trip than the quick hop to Lesbos where you can actually see the destination from the Turkish mainland, 100 miles in fact. 

Cyprus: further than it looks!

Clever and tricky! To-date we have been protected from difficult decisions by keeping wanna-be migrants at arms' length, ie blocked in a foreign country. But now they are under the wire and officially "our problem".

RAF Akrotiri: Nice beach, shame about the migrants

There is some precedent here. About 18 years ago a group of Kurds arrived at the base and requested asylum. They were denied entry into the United Kingdom but are still being accommodated at our expense on the island two decades later.

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