Monday, 16 November 2015

The problem is Islam

The media and our governments try very hard to confuse us with terms like "radicalised", "extremist" and "fundamentalist" just like they prefer to use the term "refugee" when "immigrant" would be more apt. They also like to focus on very specific group names such as Al Qaeda, ISIS or the Muslim Brotherhood. The aim is to persuade us that muslims can be divided into good and bad and most are good. Only the bad ones rape, behead and immolate themselves and others.

After the Charlie Hebdo murders the BBC commissioned a poll in an attempt to prove that most muslims are good. They were successful in that they discovered that only 27% of muslims supported the killings. This number is a tad over the more usual intel metric that 15% to 25% of muslims worldwide generally support the use of violence to impose sharia but in the same ballpark so probably accurate.

So the craven politically-correct news benders at the Beeb are right when they aver that only a minority of muslims want to kill us. Unfortunately it is still a large number.

Islam is clearly a self-fueling meme. The more muslims you put in a room the more hard-line they will all be. A solitary muslim may be quite the nice guy, but add more nice guy muslims to the mix and they start getting serious about their religion. This applies as much in a local street demo as in the national population. A tipping point is reached and then we are all in trouble. 

Critical mass seems to have been achieved in, of all places, Belgium, where young men most people considered to be basically OK turned bad and went on a killing spree in Paris. This is really no different from the London bombings when four lads from Leeds, who most people considered OK guys, tried to murder as many Londoners as possible.

There is only one realistic solution to this problem. Islam needs to be banned. There needs to be a dissolution of the mosques and muslims need to go and live in muslim countries where their infectious madness can do no harm because everyone else already has the condition. 

Islam is completely incompatible with democracy. The most fundamental tenet of Islam is that only God makes the law. Man-made law (eg law made in parliament) is anathema to them. If a group of people genuinely believe that they are not bound by laws made by man then we cannot live with them since man-made law is the foundation of our society.

The other unacceptable faces of Islam: the genital mutilations, the amputations, the beheadings, the treatment of women as cattle and the injunction to fight the infidel wherever you find him are actually lesser problems than the most fundamental problem of man-made law. They might be persuaded to moderation on the other points but they will never give up the Koran as their only source of law; they will never accept a re-write of the Koran and so will never be just another ethnic group we can integrate into our society.

So they must all be expelled to make our country safe.

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