Monday, 1 February 2016

Things you can do outside the EU

Switzerland has a proposal due to come up for national referendum which would expel any foreigner convicted of a criminal offence. Needless to say the usual bleeding hearts claim this violates European rules, to which the proposers of the referendum, the SVP (Swiss People's [Volk] Party), retort that Switzerland is not in the EU so no problem there.

Switzerland: Foreign crims not wanted
Meanwhile our "Dave" is schmoosing the Eurocracy trying to get the right for the UK not to pay in-work benefits to immigrants as soon as they turn up and take our jobs.  He thinks this will make us vote to stay in the giant kleptocracy come the plebiscite in the summer, or autumn if he wimps out of a summer vote.

Dave may not get the concessions he wants from Europe and even if he gets everything he asks for it will not be enough to make staying in worth while.

Hopefully we won't become as poor as Switzerland when we leave. (Switzerland is per capita the 10th richest country in the world, and the UK 23rd. And in most of the countries above Switzerland it's only the Sheikhs who have got the cash.)

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