Thursday, 18 February 2016

Turkish, Kurdish, Russian mess

Master strategist, Russian President Vladimir Putin has again completely wrong-footed the West.

"Checkmate, America!"

See what he has achieved. He 'helped' the West fight ISIS in Syria by sending his bombers to flatten anyone opposed to the Assad regime. Not surprisingly Assad let him use the pleasant coastal city of Latakia, making Russia the only power with a base actually in Syria.

However the bombers focused mainly on the anti-Assad forces in the north, not the ISIS forces in the East. They were so successful in the north that they opened up a power vacuum which pro-Western Kurdish forces entered, up close to the Turkish border. This spooked the Turks so much they started long range shelling of the Kurds from over the border. That is, NATO-member Turkey actively shooting at NATO-ally, the Kurds.

Yesterday the Kurds retaliated by bombing a military convoy in Ankara, the Turkish capital, killing 21 people and injuring 61 more.

So basically Putin has got us fighting among ourselves.

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