Monday, 11 April 2016

Trevor Philips back on war path

Our Trevor, quondam head of the Commission for Equality and 'Uman Rights, will be revisiting his favourite subject on Channel 4, at 10pm, Wednesday this week - minorities. That said, in recent times he seems to have morphed from arch-scourge of Nationalists to almost agreeing with us. His current preoccupation is the chasm between British muslims and British society generally.

Trev has surveyed the muslim community and discovered the well-known facts that more than half of muslims think lesbian or gay relationships should be illegal. Almost a third of British muslims think polygamy – currently illegal – should be permitted. Young muslims are nearly as enthusiastic for it as older muslims. We are not told whether this enthusiasm is also present among female muslims. Perhaps you have to watch the program to find out.

Also what we don't yet know is how he will spin this deplorable state of affairs; although we can be reasonably confident that spin it he will. Somehow it will turn out to the fault of the rest of us that British muslims cannot live peacefully among us; just like they cannot live peacefully in any Western society. And thinking about it - they cannot live peacefully in 100% muslim societies either. Trev will probably forget to mention that. Tune in to have your prejudices confirmed.

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