Thursday, 14 April 2016

Trevor quite surprised

Trevor Philips did 60 mins of hand wringing last night on Channel 4. Apparently it was completely new to him that some British muslims think Sharia should be imposed by force in the UK. He couldn't understand it. While boss of the CEHR he had bent over backwards to be nice to them and they still weren't happy.

He reassured himself that only a minority had any nefarious intent but then time and time again he did the maths and discovered that even a minority amounts to some quite big numbers - eg about 40,000 UK muslims actually approve of ISIS, while 100,000 think imposing Sharia by force is a good idea.

Trevor completely dismissed the old idea that immigrants should assimilate; he barely gave that ten seconds of airtime before moving on to what amounted to busing children around to stop too many muslims going to the same school.

It seems like far too late he has woken up to issues that have concerned Nationalists for the last twenty years. He has no solutions though; he continues to pander to minorities, and the thought that Islam should perhaps be made illegal never even crossed his mind. All he could do was try to dig up some moderate muslims, well one moderate muslim woman, who opined that Islam was about how you live your life and polygamy isn't so bad.

The repulsive Yasmin Alibi-Brown got some airtime, but she had no solutions for the problem she helped create either. Whether or not she has recanted on making white people extinct we weren't told.

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