Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Iain Duncan Smith for Tory leader

Who is he? It's the bald one. Does that help? Not the obvious candidate, but IDS could be a good choice for Tory leader. He's done the job before, in opposition, and by general consensus did it badly, but that is because he is boring and opposition needs a dynamo who is continually in the government's face.

Boring but dependable

IDS has done well in the Brexit campaign. He has been eurosceptic since the year dot unlike certain blond buffoons who jumped on the issue recently when it looked like it could make him Prime Minister. IDS has caring credibility, he resigned from the cabinet over proposed cuts to disability benefits. It also helps that he is not Eton and Oxford and has had a real job before politics. He studied in Italy (opinions vary as to exactly where in Italy but it was definitely in Italy  so "Foreign Experience" on the CV) and he was in the army and did tours in Northern Ireland and Rhodesia. 

He is still boring of course but now might be the time for a boring person. He is also a bit thick, but provided he is well advised he should be able to handle the Brexit negotiations and heal the rifts in the party.

Nominations close in 24 hours. He'll need to move fast if he wants the job. At the moment he is not even being talked about.

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