Thursday, 14 July 2016

Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary

How amazing is that? Just to recap, that Gove cove who was running Boris's campaign for the leadership of the Conservatives quits and says he is running himself and Boris, instead of batting Gove off like the no-hope political mosquito he is and soldiering on, comes back with: Oh no, I'm out, I'll support Theresa May instead.

Next thing you know Boris, who has never held any sort of government job before, however menial, is Foreign Secretary. Spooky, almost like there was some sort of a deal.

His appointment is actually inspired though. He gets the plushest office in Whitehall; his life will be constant first class travelling, wining and dining and glad-handing foreign Johnnies. The job calls for no talent whatsoever so he will struggle to mess it up. 

And best of all, he will probably not be allowed to keep his weekly column in the Daily Telegraph so Theresa May has just handed him a £250,000pa pay cut.

Boris: Woe is me, I'm so poor!

There is just one little downside: the buffoon is now in charge of both MI6 and GCHQ!

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