Wednesday, 7 September 2016

BBC spinning hard on trade talks with Oz

BBC reporters are all over the allegation that Australian trade minister Steve Ciobo is implying that Australia will put the UK to the back of the line for a trade deal - as Obama was persuaded to say, by PM Cameron five minutes prior to his Downing Street speech. This morning BBC Radio 4 ominously intoned that the Australians were planning to put the UK behind the EU when doing a deal.

Ciobo: "We'll do a deal or I'll slit my own throat."

But listen carefully to what the Oz minister actually said without the spin and it comes out as: the UK government has told me that they won't be in a position to sign a deal for about two and half years.

So the delay is not on the Oz side, it's all on the UK side. (And the timescale is correct: invoke Article 50 Q1 or Q2 next year then there's the infamous 2 year cooling off period - so it's true what he said.)

But the Beeb love to spin it as "Brexit bad!"|

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