Monday, 5 September 2016

Vaz going on?

In the past this blog has had occasion to revile Nigel Vaz MP (sometimes he likes to be called "Keith", other times "Big Jim - washing machine repair man") as he fails the "Savile test" - the instinctive feeling there is something wrong with a person but other people don't seem to notice it.

And now a sordid tale of washing machines, poppers, love nests and Romanian rent boys has come to light and Nigel is considering whether he is really the right man to be Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee; with all the telling off of top police officers and senior civil servants that entails. Now the curtain has been whisked away and a hypocrite is revealed for all to see.

Jimmy says: "Pop some poppers in my frog-like face!"

Ironically the last time this blog mentioned Vaz is when he visited Luton airport to check out immigrant Romanians (only one there; rather ropy old fella; should have used Grinder) and the time before that was when his mortgage outgoings were found to be seven times higher than his salary

There are also unanswered questions about his stewardship of the funds of a Diabetes charity and exactly where the money to buy the £400K flat and pay the male prostitutes came from.

Let us hope that we have now heard the last of Nige and he retires from public life. He is just an embarrassment to parliament and the country.

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