Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Look, a seventeen-year-old

Is this fellow seventeen, or younger even?

Seriously?! Because that is what he is claiming. Facial recognition software says he's 38. And David Davis MP says he needs a tooth x-ray before we let him in.

This blog says, why are we letting in "refugees" of any age? They are as safe in France as they would be in the UK, and France has already tacitly admitted them because they have lived in the "Jungle" at Calais for years. They should stay in France. Pity the poor foster parents, signed up to give a home to a 10-year-old, who will have these refugees lodged with them. And to maintain the fiction he is going to have to go to school and sit next to actual seventeen-year-olds. The teachers are not going to be amused.

And if they were really children it would actually be worse. French cities are awash with immigrant children, generally mid-teens, that the police won't touch, because if they ever did arrest one they would never be able to locate the parents and so have to find a home for him or her. So these kids roam the streets, robbing with impunity.

In taking any at all, Prime Minister Theresa May has scored a 'fail'. Maybe David Davis would have made a better leader.

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