Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Still supporting Trump

Some might think that Trump is no longer a contender; with his sex-party youth (with hints but no more than hints of underaged girls) a friendship with convicted billionaire pedo Jeffrey Epstein; and his p*ssy-grabbing ways, Trump might be considered someone who cannot be supported anymore.

And it's true that these are all disturbing allegations. Also against him are the undisputed facts that many of his businesses have undergone bankruptcy leaving him richer but others poorer.

Unfortunately there are no good options, only a bad and a worse. Hillary would be the end of America. She has sold out to the enemies of the Western world. She follows the Democrat model of: if you cannot persuade the voters to support you get different voters. Far from "building a wall," she will seek to replace white, protestant America with third-world hoards. 

Any country is really just its people. The Germans in Syria would build BMWs and eat wurst; the Syrians in Germany will continue their sectarian wars and reduce the place to rubble. The America that conquered the West, put a man on the Moon, and invented the internet, is to be replaced with a population that will give Hillary eight years in the White House and leave crime-ridden scorched-earth behind. Hillary does not care - she works for the enemies of America; not for the Americans who elect her.

Trump is flawed, but instinctively right, and so outspoken there will be no secrets. If he gets lucky with an intern in the Oval Office, there will be no, "I did not have sex with that woman," cover-mouth, rub-nose, twitchy-mouth;  no, Trump would just brag about it. There will be no need for secret email servers because Trump tweets his innermost thoughts when bored at 3am. (Seriously, his day tweets are sensible policy comments by his staff, his night tweets are him, a mug of Horlicks and a cell phone.)

So Trump is both right, and harmless. Hillary is a traitor to her country, hated by everyone who ever worked with her, and willing to sacrifice the future of 330 million US citizens just so she can have a few short years at the top of the heap.

It has to be Trump.

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