Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Welcome to the Promised Land

You left your desert abode, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan but what you always claim to be war-torn Syria and walked across Europe, kicking down the fences in your way, you and your fraternal co-religionists, looking for the Promised Land of free money, free housing and easy girls. You scorned Greece, Italy and France as you passed through them and refused to be turned away from the prize at the end of the rainbow. 

In the Jungle at Calais they told you: tear up your ID and claim to be only seventeen. Despite being in your thirties with wife and kids back home you  did just that and they put you on a bus to your Shangri-La... Lunar House, Croydon, England...

Lunar House, Croydon

They unload you in the parking lot....

The parking lot

Does it seem so nice now?

Don't worry, it's only a side trip to collect your paperwork; after that you will get lodged with a foster family and since you are only seventeen you will get put in a school and can sit next to underaged girls.

After a couple of years they will let you bring your wife and kids in legally; to meet the the new kids you have made here.

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