Monday, 21 November 2016

Frexit one tiny step nearer

The former French President, Nicholas Sarkozy's, ambition to the return to the Elysee Palace in France's general election next year has failed. He has stood down after coming third in the primary voting. This is good news for one Marine Le Pen - leader of the French Front National  - because it means instead of going up against centre-right Sarky she will be up against centrist Francois Fillion. The further to the left her opponent is the more votes she can vacuum up.

That said, Fillion is not very far to the left. He supports tax and spending cuts, a longer working week (up to 39 hours!) a higher retirement age (up to 65!) and opposes adoption by same-sex couples, quelle horreur!

So the alt-right trifecta of Brexit, Trump and Le Pen is on the cards. And Mme Le Pen has promised the French a referendum on membership of the European Union. The French presidential election is about three months away so with a following wind Frexit may have started before Brexit is complete.

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