Friday, 13 January 2017

The blackmail of Donald Trump

If the Russians think they are going to have Present Trump dancing to their tune just because they have video of him cavorting with prostitutes they are badly mistaken.

Of course there may be no such video. It is all rumour. Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele wrote the dodgy dossier at the heart of this story after interviewing contacts he formed in Moscow while working there at the UK embassy as a spook. There is no suggestion he has seen the footage himself. He merely collated rumours. And The Donald is notoriously careful about such things; he warns other people about the risks of concealed cameras.

The real reason this is all a gentle breeze in a teacup is because as blackmail material it would never work. Imagine the conversation...

Putin: "Mr President, ve vill release  your sex tape unless you do exactly as ve say."

Trump: "No."

Putin: "Er..."

And that is the end really. If the Russians release the tape they lose their blackmail material and Trump will just laugh it off saying they tried to blackmail me and now they can't. If they don't release the tape Trump wins anyway.

So it is all irrelevant. The real loser here is the man who wrote the dossier, Chris Steele. He has gone into hiding (after asking his neighbour to feed his three cats!) supposedly because he fears for his life. But who is going to kill him? The Donald? No, because he has nothing to worry about. The Russians? No, because this whole thing is making them look bad and the sooner everyone forgets about it the better.

Chris Steele is really in hiding to avoid the press. At the moment the newspapers are using a twenty-year-old picture of him. What he really does not want is them to get a recent picture. His business is secret squirrel - he cannot be secret if everyone knows what he looks like. So he is currently on a desperate quest to save his livelihood by keeping his face off our screens.

It remains to be seen if that will work.

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